Packing Tips No One Tells You!

Whether you are packing for a vacation, camping trip, or moving across the country, these tips can help save space and lessen headaches. Once you know these you will wonder how you ever packed before!

#1 Master the Art of the Russian Doll Technique. The dolls are actually called Matryoshka dolls and they are essentially a set of brightly painted hollow wooden dolls of varying sizes, designed to nest inside one another. The idea can be the same for packing. by combining similar items and nesting them inside one another. Even as little as simply putting things inside of other things when packing will make a big difference – you’ll be actually packing your belongings, not empty air.
So, next time you’re packing for moving, try to stack as many of your household items inside one another as possible – like nesting dolls – and you’ll save not only space, but also time and money.

#2 Trash Bags Aren’t Just For Trash. If you need to move your entire closet, just keep them on the hangers and bundle them together in a trash bags. It not only keeps them clean, and wrinkle free but makes it easy to move from one place to another. We suggest using white ones an marking them so no one confuses them for actual trash. If you want another option we sell wardrobe boxes. Stop by the office and get a few to help with your move.

#3 Home-made Bubble Wrap. You got that right. Although it’s not as fun as popping those bubbles you can use your towels and clothes, especially socks to wrap up glasses, cups, plates, and other breakable items. If you want to buy bubble wrap, packing paper, or boxes you can still come check us out for those too.

#4 Never Get Stuck Naked – Okay, that title is an attention seeking, but have you ever gone on vacation and the airline lost your luggage? Make sure you have a change of clothes in your carry-on bag. If it’s a beach vacation, pack an extra swimsuit so you can at least enjoy part of your vacation until your bags show up. Same goes for jewelry, cash, etc. You never want to have all your “eggs” in one basket. Trust us – We speak from experience on this one for sure. No one wants to be in the Caribbean with only what they wore on the plane (jeans, sweatshirt and winter coat)