Prevent Pest Invasion

How to keep mice and bugs out of your storage unit.

It’s vital that everyone learn how to keep pests and rodents out of storage units whenever possible. The best way to keep rats and other vermin out of storage is by taking preventative measures. Storage units are attractive nesting sites for rodents because they sit undisturbed most of the time. Tenants will sometimes check on their belongings, which could mean an infestation could grow and spread with little to no disturbance. By storing items correctly, removing food and picking the right facility, it’s unlikely you’ll have an issue. We have compiled a few tips to better assist you in preventing those unwanted guest living rent free in your unit.

Do not store food inside a storage unit.

This might seem obvious, but you’d be surprised how many people make the mistake of keeping food items unintentionally inside storage.

Firstly, look for food where you might not have intended to leave it. Vacuum or clean out furniture beneath the cushions that you plan on storing. Secondly, check your kitchen storage containers, pots and pans for any crumbs or residual food on the surfaces. Lastly and very important tip is to make sure that the unit was broom swept and no crumbs are leftover from previous tenants or a lunch you ate in there on moving day.

Nonetheless, if you’re moving in a hurry, don’t leave your entire pantry inside a storage unit expecting no rodent to take notice.

Keep items raised a couple of inches off the ground.

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While bugs and rodents can crawl, it is helpful to keep your items elevated off the ground. One easy way to do this is by using open shelving or placing clean pallets on the ground.

Not only will this step help deter pests from making a home in your boxes, but it will also protect your belongings from moisture.

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If you’re using moving boxes, we recommend buying new cardboard boxes for storage. New boxes are stronger and are less likely to have gaps or punctures that pests could enter. They are also manufactured with added strength to withstand stacking for long periods of time.

Bugs can burrow into any upholstered furniture and rodents will chew through it. The most common way that bed bugs get in storage units is through mattresses. Make sure any mattress you keep in storage is free of insects before being stored. To prevent them from coming in, use a plastic mattress cover that is specifically designed for keeping pests out.

You are in luck!

To our current and future tenants, rodent proof storage is our goal for all our customers. Just come to our office and we will be happy to supply you mice treatment free of charge. We also sell new and used boxes, mattress coverings, and other moving supplies.