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When Self-Storage Auctions Go Wrong

When most people think of self-storage, they think of furniture, clothes or even business inventory. And that’s true for majority of people who use self-storage. Typically, there are restrictions on storing hazardous materials, illegal items, perishable goods, and living organisms. All of which will be listed under the Limits On Use part of any contract. […]

Tips to declutter your garage

Declutter your garage with ease. Garages tend to collect items you don’t use or don’t need, which makes them a pain to organize. With a little bit of effort, you’ll have a neat and organized garage in no time! Take everything out of your garage and sweep it thoroughly. Sort through what you have and […]

How to pick the right size self storage for your needs

Choosing the right size self storage unit can be tricky. Here are some tips to help you select the best size for your needs: Make a list of items you plan to store. This will help you gauge the amount of space you need and determine the size of the unit. Measure the items you […]

Holiday Storage Tips

Storing your holiday decorations properly can help keep your space clean. To help you get it done, we’ve compiled a few clever storage solutions to declutter after the Holidays. From keeping wreaths in good condition with a wreath container, installing overhead shelves in your garage or basement. To storing wrapping paper in garment bags, there […]

Prevent Pest Invasion

How to keep mice and bugs out of your storage unit. It’s vital that everyone learn how to keep pests and rodents out of storage units whenever possible. The best way to keep rats and other vermin out of storage is by taking preventative measures. Storage units are attractive nesting sites for rodents because they […]

Packing Tips No One Tells You!

Whether you are packing for a vacation, camping trip, or moving across the country, these tips can help save space and lessen headaches. Once you know these you will wonder how you ever packed before! #1 Master the Art of the Russian Doll Technique. The dolls are actually called Matryoshka dolls and they are essentially […]

De-Cluttering before The Big Move

Decluttering for a move is different than just decluttering for general purposes. Many people use a storage unit for excess furniture and sentimental items they want to keep but temporarily need a place to store them. Here is a list of helpful tips that we found online at artofhappymoving dot com. Think about how much […]

Cleaning Smelly Shoes

No matter how clean you may be, your feet will still produce an unpleasant odor, especially if you wear the same pair of shoes day every day. It doesn’t matter if you’re running, walking, or merely sitting all day long, your feet will naturally sweat — some people’s more than others. Some activities, such as […]

6 Quick Tips To Stop Paper Clutter

Do you ever feel like you’re drowning in paper? Is your husband’s wallet is overflowing with receipts? Are your desk drawers crammed with wedding invitations and old Christmas cards? Or maybe you have piles of kids’ school artwork and math homework shoved in the far corner of your kitchen counter. Let’s face it: Paper clutter […]

7 Easy Tips to Organize The Bathroom

I’ve never been a morning person, so I’m all in when it comes to anything that will help make our morning routines run smoother. Having 2 kids making messes along the way, an organized bathroom can really help speed things up when it comes to getting ready. My favorite saying is “A place for everything, […]