Top Tips for Organizing Your Storage Unit

We know that there are many reasons people need storage units. One of the most common reasons is lack of space to store at home.  In the heat of summer, there is no need for sweaters, coats and gloves taking up crucial space in your house. But what happens when a fluke weather pattern comes out of nowhere. We do live in Missouri where weather change happens quickly. No time to waste you drive up to your unit and start ripping through boxes and totes, trying to find those much needed coats, and snow supplies. The weather gets worse so fast, now you are in the middle of a storm, stuck in a storage unit searching and searching, getting more buried in snow….and boxes by the minute. It’s cold and now you are not sure how to even re-pack everything to be able to get out of the unit, much less get back home to the family.

Here are a few tips to prevent this chaos from happening to you.

  1. Create A Master Contents List – You might think you will remember what you packed in a box marked “Kitchen supplies”. Lets say you need a specific cake pan 6 months later, for a birthday party. You have 4 boxes named “Kitchen”.  If you don’t make a list of items in the boxes, odds are you are going to have to go through all 4 boxes to find the pan you are looking for. It takes more time at first, but will save you in the end if you know that pan you are looking for is in Kitchen box #2 of 4 thanks to your hard work setting up.
  2. Use Similar Box Sizes – You remember when you were a kid and you made pyramids or towers with blocks? The biggest cube went on bottom and the cubes got smaller as the tower got bigger. The same concept applies with boxes. When you have several different size boxes you inadvertently make more work for yourself. What if what you need is in a bigger box that’s on the bottom? It won’t fit on top of a smaller box, or it will get crushed or topple over. In turn, it makes it harder to get to the bigger boxes. Keep in mind not to get boxes that are too big to pick up and carry when they are full. Clear totes are also a good idea making it easier to identify what’s inside.
  3. Location Zones – Try to keep all the like-minded boxes together. Remember, we labeled everything and made a list: Such as, Kitchen boxes 1-4. They all go in the same area, kid’s clothes, Christmas items, etc. Again, it might take more time up front but will save a ton of time on the back end. Something else to consider is items used more frequently go in the front and boxes only in and out once a year or less, going towards the back of the unit.
  4. Plan a Layout – Furniture or bulky items you won’t need access to go in the back. Boxes on each side. Another option is furniture on one side and boxes on the other. Always try to leave space in the middle to work and move around. If you must use the middle for storage, make sure it’s for small items that can easily be moved out and back in when done.

While we know that taking these steps takes more time at first, it is well worth the effort for the ease of access in the future. You will be able to find exactly what you need in a matter of seconds, instead of minutes or even hours. Leaving more time for you to spend with family and friends.

If you are in need of a storage unit, look no further. Give us a call at 816-318-7867 or stop on by at 128 E Hargis St in Belton, Missouri – For more information check out our website at

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What’s In A Name?

Budget Self-Storage is the new name of our company. I want to ensure all of our current customers that Belton Mini Storage and Budget Self-Storage are just names. We are still the same small business with the same ownership. We are trying to improve our online presence and our community. We are hoping with the new name comes new customers and hopefully a way to find our location.

There have been some minor staffing changes, but that has nothing to do with the name change. Judy and Ron wish to take a step back from running the mini storage to focus on spreading God’s word and enjoying their grandchildren. They still own the business along with Brian and Stacie, and will be around occasionally.

We have also hired two part time employees to help with the day-to-day operations at the improved mini storage facility. Mandy and Andy will be available to answer any U-Haul or storage unit questions you might have. Please welcome them to the team when you get a chance.

Our phone number remains the same, 816-318-STOR (7867) and we still believe in operating our business with honesty and integrity. Stop by and check out Budget Self-Storage and see the improvements as they arise.

We still offer competitive rates for our storage units and still offer U-Haul trucks and trailer rentals. We are adding to our inventory of storage supplies. If you are moving or know someone who is moving, have them stop by to get moving boxes, packing tape or other moving supplies.