smart-businessSmart and successful business owners know that every square foot of their business needs to be generating revenue for them. Most businesses can put self storage to a profitable use by storing excess inventory, signage & promotional materials, equipment, and seasonal decorations in an inexpensive storage locker.

Savvy brick and mortar business owners as well as online web retailers alike need secure, convenient, & inexpensive ways to store and manage merchandise, seldom used equipment, etc. and using a mini storage unit is much less expensive per square foot than that same space in your small business or restaurant.

If you own or manage a growing small business and need more office space, consider storing all non-essential business items in a month-to-month storage locker. You can then reallocate this gained space to accommodate your expanding business.

Our convenient and secure storage facilities offer business owners the following storage solutions:

  • Storage Unit Access -Store managers have complete control over their storage space because only you have the keys to the lock on the shed. Should an employee quit unexpectedly, simply contact us to have the code changed and replace the lock yourself. With proper I.D. we can cut the lock with no keys off for a small charge.
  • Online Account Access-Enjoy easy-to-use FREE account management software that allows you to pay your bill, print receipts, set up rent reminders, instant message the storage facility and more.
  • Security– A secure storage facility is important to our business clients and us alike. We use high definition video recording cameras that record to a 1TB DVR.(Digital Video Recorder) The camera on the main gate has pan-tilt-zoom capabilities.
  • Individual storage unit alarms are offered for purchase at an affordable price . They are de-activated by the user with remote control and are yours to keep.
  • We have perimeter fencing and an electronic access gate to keep your belongings secure.
  • We sell round disc padlocks that are very secure.

Package Acceptance- You or your employees need not be present to have a package delivered. The storage facility manager will sign for and accept the package on your behalf and call or email you. We will secure this package and you will need to pick up your item within 48 hours.

For questions, please call us at 816-318-STOR(7867)