Before choosing your vehicle storage space… You must decide if you want your classic car or boat stored inside a storage unit or outdoors.


Many smaller compact cars can fit into a 10’x15’ storage unit. If you have a full size car, truck, or smaller boat then you will want to look at a 10’x20’ storage shed. By storing the vehicle inside, you will protect the paint from the hot sun, the interior from cracking, and help preserve the tires from dry rot. Be sure to measure the total length of your car to choose the right size unit. For trucks & SUV’s, also measure the height.


Do you have a classic car that you are saving up to have it restored? Then consider storing it in an outdoor storage space. This is a great option if the entire vehicle is going to be restored. Perhaps the car just had an expensive repair and you need to store it out of your driveway for a few months until you have the money to fix it. Just give us a call at (816)318-STOR(7867)

10’x15’ Indoor Space


This storage space would accommodate a Honda or VW.

10’x20’ Indoor Space


This storage space is suitable for most passenger cars

20’ Outdoor Parking

This is an economical way to store an extra vehicle or small fishing boat. The car or truck will still be secured in our vehicle storage area with good lighting at night and proper security measures in place. When you rent an outdoor storage space, you will have a unique access code that gets you access to your vehicle.

Reserved Parking business success car

Call Budget Self Storage today for all your indoor or outdoor storage space needs at (816) 318-STOR(7867)


Have you recently purchased the RV of your dreams and now need extra space to store your toy? They don’t exactly fit very well in a driveway, you know. Consider storing your camper, RV, or big boat in an outdoor storage space at Budget Self Storage in Belton, MO. When you rent RV storage space from us, you will enjoy convenient gate access hours, a well-lit facility and wide isles that can accommodate large RV’s & boats.

We offer two different sizes on our outdoor spaces. The first and least expensive is for RV’s or boats under 26 feet in total length. Please call for pricing & availability.

The 2nd is for the really big toys that are over 26 feet in total length. Please call for pricing & availability at (816)318-STOR(7867)

RV Camping