personal-items-storage-photoRenting a month-to-month storage unit can help you in many ways, all while being practical. These are some common situations where an individual might need to rent some storage space. The rental is always month-to-month and we offer many convenient ways to pay.

  • Moving or downsizing to a smaller home
  • To get rid of the clutter and stage your home for sale
  • College students home for summer break
  • Military deployment
  • Someone needing to get that ski or fishing boat out of their driveway
  • Short term job relocation
  • Stuff you have inherited from a loved one whose passed on, and need to sort thru the items
  • People with large toys such as dirt bikes or four wheelers
  • Individuals with large collections (model trains for example)who simply don’t have room in their home anymore
  • Someone wanting to store a classic car to be restored

If you are considering renting extra storage space, please call or come by Budget Self Storage 816-318-STOR(7867) to find out how we can help with your personal item storage!